We love the work we’ve done for our national clients (and they do too), but what we’re really proud of is what we’ve been able to accomplish by working closely and partnering with businesses in our local communities and helping them become more successful. Check out a few examples of our favorite work from both our national and local clients below.




  • Web Development

    Your website is often the first interaction your customer will have with your business. Don’t let a bad design confuse or drive that customer away. Your website needs to highlight the success of your business, create interest in your product or service, and build trust for your customer.

  • CMYK

    Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. The four colors that are needed in the print world to mix and make almost any color on the spectrum. Fortunately we understand the ways in which these inks are used and can help you get anything you need printed done the right way! From five posters to five million …

  • Social Media

    Social Media must be the proper use of all social media that could apply to you and it must interact with the regular marketing and advertising you are doing for your company or group. It must also be a fair representation of what a prospective will see if they enter your business. This is why …

  • Branding

    Branding is not how you view your company, rather it is how others perceive you. We, at iCast Interactive, with your help, will read the signs for you. Different times call for new actions and hard decisions. Even our company has had to react to changing times and rebrand for today’s world. iCast Interactive is …

  • Online Marketing

    Online Marketing is using the most cost effective methods of reaching and succeeding with your potential clients, from Google Ads, Facebook, Connect Siouxland, and any other source that reaches your clients.

  • Broadcasting / Sponsorships

    Broadcasting and Sponsorships are unique to iCast Interactive. Because we are part of an 8 radio station group we have the ability to utilize their airwaves, social media, and all online dissemination. Station websites have many sponsorship opportunities, as well as streaming sponsorships, and magazines and print material that all the stations utilize. On air …

  • Video Production

    iCast offers promotional videos including copywriting, staging, editing and special effects. Green Screen Walkout: this is YOU walking out on a website and speaking to your viewers. It is approximately 15 seconds in length and can be put on an existing website or any of our 6 radio station sites.

  • Publishing

    Publishing can be an online process or in print. It enlists all of the other categories above including any need for copywriting. Above all, we have creative teams that can write and produce your copy. From articles to advertisements, we can communicate your business through a wide variety of magazines that we build from scratch …

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